The anonymous Secrets about bad & very bad people - named by other people as SCUM/S - but whether these bad people deserve such a name or not with their behavior and actions - our readers decide with their own voice - green - support of the Author, red - support for the one who is scolded in post.

What's more important? Information or name of the person who posted it? We thought about it for a long time. For a while, believing that this will be the only place in the world where registered and authorized users will be able, on their behalf, to leave all their evil and all their hatred for those people who, in their opinion, have offended, insulted , deceived, robbed, outraged ... That this site will be the only one in the world from which humanity will not delete any information, neither at the request of the courts, nor, even at the request of the presidents of the countries - because all the dirt of this site will be authorized and will be fully available to the people of the future and they will already punish or rehabilitate all those of its heroes about whom on this site (in any, even the most horrible and indecent form) will be written by people signing their personal names or punish these people (the authors of their articles) by the future sincere disgrace. But the analysis of the question showed that if we do this, then this can cause the site to remain empty. People are not fools - and most of us are not heroes at all. Nobody wants to go against evil with bare hands. This platform will be anonymous! We will lose in honesty, but we will save millions of times more information for the future that would never reach future generations in any other form. This platform will replace freedom of speech and the press for those countries and places where they are controlled by the security forces, the authorities or various scum referred to as businessmen. This is a completely new experiment. He had been preparing for ten years. And a very important point of this new idea is that a person who published information anonymously - has the ability to save the same or more extended post - in his file storage - as secret. Thus, he will sign his file, but not for his contemporaries, but for future generations of people! That is, he will take responsibility for what he published to his contemporaries.

According to the estimates of an international group of futurologists, this very platform of the United Book of Humanity will be able to change the world for the better, because becoming its heroes will become dangerous for the future of absolutely each of us! And more... Only for future generations of participants in the Book of Humanity - The Publishers of the Book have nothing to do with the information on the site and do not bear any personal or joint responsibility for it. If these conditions do not suit society in the form in which it is living out its last decades - Publishers of the Book will make access to this site paid ... SCUMS.INFO: all the filth and abomination of Old World of One-timers - here and forever - is for adults only / 21+ - (Now the most important thing in an any person's life - is not to become the hero of this platform that is the first in the world to dare "fixing & fixes" all "One-timers" ugliness for the public courts of the future. During the first years of construction - errors are possible. Write to the administration of the platform - we will correct all errors!

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